trouble sleeping last night

After work I went to Bevmo to get more beer. Once home, I turned on the AC and drank a beer.. and then fell asleep around 6:45 pm. Woke up around 11 and watched a couple episodes of Orphan Black while I had a light dinner. Last ep I saw was the BMT / Tony one. Went back to bed around 1 AM, expecting my computer to shut down after 30 minutes of idle.. Kept trying to go to sleep and clear my mind, thoughts kept wandering. Ended up remembering a time I went with Mom, on my only trip ever to Hackettstown Highschool. I couldn’t remember what school it was, just what it looked like, and that it was adjacent to the public pools. So I gave up on trying to sleep, looked at my clock finally, and it’s 2 AM. No idea why my computer is still on, I got up again and started looking at google maps. I seem to recall I went with Mom to HHS to support someone Mom knew in getting recognized or an award or something. I remember we encountered someone else she knew outside, and they brought their kid along too and I chatted with this kid around my age outside HHS in the parking lot. Memory is a strange thing.

So then I’m looking at google maps, seeing how Hackettstown and Schooley’s Mountain has changed in 20 years. I knew the mega store complex went in between allen and airport on rte 57, but I was surprised that only the east side of airport road was developed. The west side looks the same. The tiny airport is still there. The house in the woods looks like it’s still there, surrounded by woods. I spent about 20 minutes flipping between satellite and map tracing the morris canal, looking for signs of where it used to be. It’s pretty much completely grown over, not even a faint clear space remains except where the pond used to be at rockport rd and hazen rd by the game farm. There are still fields near 33 kings hwy. I thought it’d all be paved over by now. According to zillow, the house hasn’t been sold since Feb. 1996.

Next I looked at 1863 on zillow, and there were two things that struck me.

First, I’m not sure framing the house as a farm is a good idea – I think that’s going to set up an expectation that won’t be met upon visiting. Maybe I’m alone in this, but when I think of a farm, I think of Art Meade’s or Hazendale; a business that produces a product. Don’t get me wrong, I think Fox Meadow Farm is a great moniker, but I don’t think I’d position the property as if it is a farm.

Second, zillow displays the location of the house incorrectly. On the map, it shows 1863 as being fairly close to the ball field, well before Cook Hill Rd.

Around 3 AM I did get back to sleep.


I don’t post often, eh.

Oil contamination of coolant was due to leaking transmission oil cooler. Bypassing with aftermarket cooler and looping the rad cooler into itself eliminated the problem, but by the time I got around to doing it, the trans was already ruined. So now, rebuilt trans, aftermarket cooler, hopefully we’re good there for awhile. Still some oil in the coolant, but it’s a MFer to get out. I’m not losing coolant and my hoses aren’t degrading super fast like before, so it’s looking pretty good right now.

It makes me a little sad. The clear coat is fucked up all over, with serious burn throughs with flaking clear showing on the hood on cab top. This is pretty common for this age and generation of chevy / gmc truck; most people use automated washes, I got an extra couple years by hand washing, but constantly parking outside is the ultimate killer of paint. If I had a sudden windfall of extra cash I’d certainly repaint, but for now I’m trying to accept that my aging truck has a patina.

Shitty aftermarket tail lamp housings allow moisture inside. Thankfully I haven’t gotten a ticket yet. Need to replace those with others til I find some that don’t suck so much. Also got on my list my intermittently failing ABS module. and tires.

Work is great. Got to continue to work on being timely, but I continue to enjoy what I do.

I’ve moved to Carson. I’ll be here for a year, at least. Manageable.. but ok, overall.

I had a girlfriend, briefly, in December of 2015. We continued to converse through feb. but it really ended before NY. She was really cool, but I was just a passing fancy.

felt lazy yesterday and didn’t work on the truck at all. Kinda bummed, not only do I want to make it easier on the eye, but I also have a problem with oil in my coolant that I haven’t completely resolved. My first thought was the headgaskets. By far the most common way to get oil in your coolant, because all recent engines have water cooled heads. Some engines have oil coolers than run coolant through them, and they’re getting more popular, but they’re still a minority. My truck doesn’t have one for engine oil.

I don’t think the headgaskets are blown, because typically there’s compression leakage as part of the problem, which I have no indication of. Often headgasket failures result in overheating, which I also don’t have. Finally, headgasket problems usually get worse over time, and my problem is either steady or has gotten better.

my finding is that my transmission oil cooler, which is built into my coolant radiator, leaks either occasionally or very slowly, and a little bit of coolant makes it back to the trans. I discovered I was about a quart low on trans oil, with some milkiness on the tip of the dipstick, long after I discovered oil in my coolant and flushed the cooling system. The red ATF should’ve given it away.. except the chevy coolant is orange / red. I’m changing over to yellow greenish.

plan is to install an aftermarket trans oil cooler, put the oem cooler in a loop, flush the cooling system again.

crockpots are great for beans.

My house mate is on vacation in Portland and Seattle. He drove there and took his dog, Kona, so it’s just me and Jenice for a couple weeks. I worked 5 days this past week, since it was the last weds of the month. Full weekend off. I slept in today, and then I went to Costco, and then came back and went out again to Monkish; had a couple beers I haven’t tried before, and filled my growler for later consumption. Came back for a break, and then went out to whole foods for some beef. Bought a $20 dry aged new york steak. Slightly botched cooking it, but it came out great. Also bought a shank cut that I’ll put in some slow beans tomorrow.

Bought a clay bar for my truck. Hasn’t been clayed in at least 10 years. Going to wash it tomorrow and start with the clay. The sides look pretty good, it’s really the hood, top, and bed cover that look shitty.

Things seem to be looking up. I’m more comfortable and secure than I’ve been in over a decade, and I’m stronger and healthier than ever. I’m lonely, but that doesn’t translate into a desire to be more friendly.

random thought

purge valves are expensive. it’s just a 12V solenoid that either allows vacuum or blocks it. seems to be a common failure on newer chevies. I’ve diagnosed at least 4 this year. probably costs a couple dollars to manufacture, but they’re always at least $30 wholesale.

BTW, D, did you read the Wired article about remote Jeep hacking and then Chrysler’s subsequent recall?

Went camping

Epic. Got 3 flat tires and a little sun burn. Housemate lost a control arm bushing, and so we stopped at the next town for repair. At a dive bar for brews and grub. More details to follow. 
Uh, this isn’t posting. Above was written 3.8.15 around 4 pm.