trouble sleeping last night

After work I went to Bevmo to get more beer. Once home, I turned on the AC and drank a beer.. and then fell asleep around 6:45 pm. Woke up around 11 and watched a couple episodes of Orphan Black while I had a light dinner. Last ep I saw was the BMT / Tony one. Went back to bed around 1 AM, expecting my computer to shut down after 30 minutes of idle.. Kept trying to go to sleep and clear my mind, thoughts kept wandering. Ended up remembering a time I went with Mom, on my only trip ever to Hackettstown Highschool. I couldn’t remember what school it was, just what it looked like, and that it was adjacent to the public pools. So I gave up on trying to sleep, looked at my clock finally, and it’s 2 AM. No idea why my computer is still on, I got up again and started looking at google maps. I seem to recall I went with Mom to HHS to support someone Mom knew in getting recognized or an award or something. I remember we encountered someone else she knew outside, and they brought their kid along too and I chatted with this kid around my age outside HHS in the parking lot. Memory is a strange thing.

So then I’m looking at google maps, seeing how Hackettstown and Schooley’s Mountain has changed in 20 years. I knew the mega store complex went in between allen and airport on rte 57, but I was surprised that only the east side of airport road was developed. The west side looks the same. The tiny airport is still there. The house in the woods looks like it’s still there, surrounded by woods. I spent about 20 minutes flipping between satellite and map tracing the morris canal, looking for signs of where it used to be. It’s pretty much completely grown over, not even a faint clear space remains except where the pond used to be at rockport rd and hazen rd by the game farm. There are still fields near 33 kings hwy. I thought it’d all be paved over by now. According to zillow, the house hasn’t been sold since Feb. 1996.

Next I looked at 1863 on zillow, and there were two things that struck me.

First, I’m not sure framing the house as a farm is a good idea – I think that’s going to set up an expectation that won’t be met upon visiting. Maybe I’m alone in this, but when I think of a farm, I think of Art Meade’s or Hazendale; a business that produces a product. Don’t get me wrong, I think Fox Meadow Farm is a great moniker, but I don’t think I’d position the property as if it is a farm.

Second, zillow displays the location of the house incorrectly. On the map, it shows 1863 as being fairly close to the ball field, well before Cook Hill Rd.

Around 3 AM I did get back to sleep.

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  1. That’s a good thought about “Farm”, I’ll mention it to my realtor. Never heard a word back from him on last Thursday’s showing, so I assume nothing came of it. Every GPS sytem I’ve ever used thinks that 1863 is about where the old stone house is, and I don’t know why.

    Did you look arround 33 King’s?

    When SE was here she showed me the vitamin b-12 she takes, and I started taking it , too. Inter alia, it is supposed to promote better sleep, and while this is just anecdotal, it seems to work as I am sleeping sounder with fewer awakenings during the night. It is the Kirkman Folinic Acid with B-12 from Amazon.

    • I used zillow’s support interface to send them a message about the address / appearance on the map, and they updated to google maps’ location for the address. Looks good now!

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