I want to challenge myself

I’d like to try to post every day, but I don’t know how long it’s practical for, especially since I won’t be home for this four day weekend moving extravaganza. I spent several hours yesterday, after updating the blog part of my site, installing some open source inventory tracking software called Partkeepr. It turned out to be more difficult than I anticipated, and I only got it sort of working. My plan was to try using it for work, and if I like it, maybe I can sell the owners / IT on it and actually officially implement it. Right now everything takes several attempts to go through and I’m returning a ton of errors, so I need to get all that figured out first. Potentially it’s really cool software, and there’s a demo version running on the source’s site if you’d like to check out the functionality.


I finished watching Iron Fist on Netflix yesterday. If you like Stan Lee / Marvel Universe based TV shows, Netflix has several. Iron Fist just came out this year, and there’s only one season, but it looks like there will be more.

Outside of also washing my hair yesterday, it wasn’t all that productive. I need to actually leave my apt. today and get some shelving for my storage unit.. once I finish doing some cleaning, for which I’m going to put on some music.

I have a couple plants I bought at Trader Joes, you could probably guess what they are. Both herbs.

2 thoughts on “I want to challenge myself

  1. That’s really great that you are trying to introduce software at work- what would you use it for? I’ll check it out tomorrow when I am not tired.

    I’d guess rosemary and basil?

    The bluetooth transmitter and headphones I’m using for tv is working great! It is not just a little better, but way, way better, I can now actually hear dialog that I could hear before, regardless of how high I had the volume.

    Good luck planning the move, sounds like you are on top of it- how big is your storage unit?

  2. um. the software is pretty self explanatory.

    basil and thyme. If I can find a tiny rosemary plant or a larger plant I can clone, that would be great.

    My storage unit is 10x10x8. My old storage unit was about 5x8x10, so I should have plenty of room, even accounting for having less stuff in my living space. I already have one 5 tier nsf shelving unit in LA (holding stuff) and I’ve now bought and built two more here in Stockton for use in storage. I can fit five shelving units in a stack (they have wheels), with room for shelving on the other side of the unit, and a small aisle in the middle. I’ve had some shop grade shelving since college, but it’s ugly and no wheels.

    I have an empty storage unit in LA accumulating debt. The managers won’t return my emails or phone calls. I guess I’ll end up paying it eventually.. unless they sell it for money first. Don’t really care.

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