rookie mistake

I did laundry this week. I totally fucked it up.

For years I’ve been using one machine at a time with great success. Moving into an apartment complex provides multiple machines to use, but at a cost. I brought two loads of laundry, loaded both, and then went back for my laundry money card. Upon returning and paying for the loads, I managed to select hot for my bright colors and cold for my whites. I unknowingly returned to my apt. and started doing something else. Suddenly I found a missed bright color shirt, so I went back to toss it in and discovered my mistake. Since I’d already paid, my laundry card used up, and the washers were full of water, the only solution was to switch the clothes. I used an empty washer to hold the dirty whites that I hand wrung, hand wrung the colors, put them in the cold water, and then finally put the whites in the hot water. Everything turned out ok in the end, all clean, no run colors. It was fairly intensive to hand wring two loads of wet laundry after a long day of work. Hopefully that’s the last time I do that.

One thought on “rookie mistake

  1. Whoa! I wash everything on hot and have done that forever, never had any problems I do separate my whites because I use bleach on them. Other than screwing things up with bleach, I’ve never had any colors run.

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