Had our second GSA auction today, following the regular SBAA auction like last time. This time we ran 145 GSA units and it took 3 hours starting at 1 pm. It’s hot today, mid 90’s. I put in some work today, and honestly, it felt good to power through everything (strong and healthy!), but now that I’m home I’m feeling kinda beat. I spend a good chunk of my time putting out fires, thankfully not literally, and auction day isn’t anything different. One guy couldn’t get a car started and figured it was out of gas. But it was parked on a slight incline, and he only put 1/2 a gallon in, it didn’t start, and I was sent in.

Initially I suspected sabotage, as it’s unfortunately pretty common, and a lot of car dealers are unscrupulous. However the more I troubleshot, the more I suspected it was out of fuel, and when I saw the can the guy used, I figured fully checking fuel was in order. I put two gallons in and it started right up.

Same dude, through no fault of his own, stalled another car out; it ran out of gas. But it was parked on a ramp, with a steep incline, and I told the guys to move the cars behind it so we could roll it back and get it started after putting 2 gallons in it.

Then there was this other unit with a messed up ignition that started with a certain trick. But some asshole dealer took it upon himself to take it apart, rendering it inoperable. I was able to put it back together and get it running, but the staff here isn’t as vigilant as Gardena, and dealers cause the outside workers a lot of headaches.

We have signs everywhere saying scanners (and weapons, among other things) are prohibited from the GSA sale. Today I was watching the end of the auction and there was a buyer standing at the podium holding a $25,000 Snap-On scanner in his hand. I pointed it out to my boss, who confronted the guy, and ate the lie he told him. Didn’t kick him out, didn’t make him remove the scanner. That’s some bullshit. I’m going to bring up the dude (not my boss’s handling) at the post-sale meeting; we need to work to prevent people from bringing them in. One of my tasks is to walk around and make sure people are following the rules, answer any general or procedural questions, help start cars for people, etc.

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  1. Sorry to be dense, but what is the issue with scanners???

    It sounds like you have a very important, responsible position! Certainly doesn’t sound boring!

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