So probably Saturday! Saturday I hope to find out how fucked my rear end is.

I think there might be something wrong with my rear differential. I rarely go above 70 MPH but there’s no traffic here, and everyone drives hella fast. Like 80+ in the fast lane. My truck is great at 55, I didn’t build it with the intention of going 80. But a few times I’ve been late for work and I’ve gone 75 instead my usual 65-70. And I hear a buzzing from the rear with the windows up and radio off. But only at 75.

I took the top of the back, the tonneau cover, in order to facilitate moving stuff. It’s in storage. I seem to recollect encountering a resonate noise in my bed covering (called bedrug) at certain speeds with the top off from many years past. The only test would be to put the cover back on and see if I can still hear the noise. Simple enough, but it’s really heavy and a huge PITA. Ironically, I want to get rid of it and get a camper shell, which is even heavier and harder to store / move.

But it’s worse, I had 4wheelparts rebuild my front and rear axles with new gear ratios in 2013. My rear end got an electric locker, which after two harness replacements by myself, still works. It also got an LSD – Limited Slip Differential, which never worked right. I should’ve brought it back but I didn’t want to lose my daily driver. The rear diff cover has developed some oil seeps, so I’ve been keeping up on the oil level and it hasn’t lost enough that I need to add any. But it’s possible that the failed LSD clutch components have contaminated the oil and affected the other parts. I was going to take the truck into 4wheelparts today for a diag, but I failed to anticipate the length of the combined auctions.

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  1. I didn’t go, it was too hot and I slept a lot of the day. Back then I was trying to run the a/c for a couple hours in the evening and turning it off, and I ended up being too hot and sleeping terribly. I’d sleep for a couple hours at a time, and had vivid nightmares. I started leaving the a/c on all night Monday night and have been sleeping regularly since.

    I don’t have any performance issues with the truck. Since I’m sure it’s (the work done to the differential) out of warranty, I’m going to see if I can work on the truck at SBAA and replace the seeping cover gasket myself, while also inspecting the gears and changing the fluid. That’s not really my expertise but I’m hoping to be able to tell the difference between normal and not.

    It would be a waste to do it myself if there is a problem that needs to be addressed, but a huge money saver if there isn’t.

    I could, alternatively, put the bed cover back on the truck and see if it makes a difference. But that’s totally not happening in triple digit weather.

    The diff fluid still needs to be changed from the failed LSD clutch material contamination. Even if the bed cover fixes the noise I should really still change the fluid.

  2. Is your a/c window units or is it a system with a condenser outside somewhere? I assume you weren’t running it to save money?

    Your logic is flawless on your truck. Could you put the cover on at SBAA? I assume the facility is air conditioned?

  3. Yes, I don’t run the a/c when possible to save money, it’s a huge electricity hog. It is a window type unit, semi-permanently installed into a custom hole in the wall. Like a firewood box with two accesses, except mounted near the ceiling instead of the floor.

    SBAA Stockton has compartmentalized a/c. The offices, cafeteria, dealer lobby have a/c. The main body of the warehouse, of which the detail shop and mechanic shop are part, does not have a/c. 105 outside is certainly unpleasant, but the warehouse offers shade, cool concrete floor, and the possibility of a breeze, unlike the shop in Gardena, which is a smaller building on its own, which heats up like an oven, with very poor breeze opportunity. Working in mere 95 degree heat in Gardena requires the use of fans in the shop, while I worked in triple digit weather here with any fans. I did buy an oscillating fan for circulation here in Stockton; it just arrived yesterday and I haven’t set it up yet.

    The cover is in storage, and I can’t transport it without installing it. I can totally do it myself, it’s just a huge PITA, and not something I’d attempt when it’s 100+ out.

  4. Huh, it never occurred to me that you couldn’t actually move the cover without installing it! Duh. Did you have to pay for the fan at work?

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