despite several advancements in technology

The only way I can get rolls of coins into my bank account is to visit a branch during their relatively small window of business hours. That’s something I was able to accomplish today since I get out a little early on auction days (weds). I forgot to deposit my paycheck for two days I did that as well. Much to my surprise, the teller informed me that I was pre-approved for a credit card. Two options, rewards card with high interest rate, or no rewards with lower interest rate, but no rates cited. LI/NR card has 0% APR for the first 12 months, starting from card activation, not final approval.

I declined. I just finalized an amazon prime card, but I haven’t yet received it, and I want to read the terms and be sure of what I’m dealing with before I start another credit line. I want an Alaska Airline credit card, and I applied for one, and they said (online) I’d get my answer in the mail. No answer so far.

Is there an advantage for me, at this time, to have multiple credit cards?

If you don’t want a puppy maybe the breeder has a sire that’s maxed out or infertile or something. There’s always the pound too – although less likely to find a purebred, I’m sure you could find a suitable canine companion.

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  1. OK, I gotta ask- WHY would you want an Alaska Airlines cc? Are you planning travel where they fly??

    In theory, there is an advantage to having multiple cc’s, and that is that if used correctly (stay at 10% of the credit line for month to month debt, and always make payments on time), the rating agencies will increase your score. A high credit score is important in getting a mortgage, eg. I use Credit Karma to monitor my score- it’s not THE most technically accurate, but it is close, and they send me one (just one!) email a month when the sore is updated, plus it’s free. However, I would wait for a while- like 6 months after you activate your first card, before getting a second, or, if you get the AA card, third, just to establish some history.

    The thing with reward cards is that you have to generate a LOT of charges to accumulate enough points to do anything, then the expiration has to be considered. There are reward cards that give you money off on purchases, and that kind may be more useful to you than a points program. Another thing about Credit Karma is that they do a good job of comparing various cc offers.

    I hadn’t thought of getting an adult dog. It would be like buying a used car, I think, you’re never quite sure what you’re getting. After living with Gracie, the McNamara’s third kennel dog, who is absolutely psychotic, I would have grave reservations.

    • 1. I’ve never flown Alaska before, but I’ve heard it’s really nice. I would like to go to Alaska in the next 10 years at least to visit, but nothing definite yet. However, I am a happy Virgin America customer and they’re merging with Alaska, and all my virgin points became alaska points. Using the card will help generate more points, which do not expire. If I’m approved. I got a letter from BOA that said I got a line of credit approved, and listed my credit score, but didn’t say for what card. The Amazon Prime card is Chase. The Amazon card is cash back – 5% on amazon, 2% restaurants, gas stations, drug stores, 1% everything else.

      2. I believe I’ve been using credit karma longer than you. Definitely a couple years – they ran a promo on reddit when they first launched and I joined soon after. CK lists my score at 780, and according to experian (courtesy of BOA) my score is 764. Pretty close.

      2.1 There’s a search feature for unclaimed money on credit karma. there are two records for you in california, one from stanford, and another from lands’ end totaling $277.61, looks like one for SE for $41, and 1 for mom at $62.87.

      3. The McNamaras might not be the best at picking dogs. I’ve known many shelter dogs through friends that were well behaved and docile.

      • Thanks for the tip on unclaimed funds, I’ll check it out. Yes, you have been using CK longer than me, and I’m glad it’s a resource for you. I am very impressed with your credit scores, you should be in good shape f you apply for a mortgage.

        • I was able to recover the $210 from Land’s End, but the $67 claim from Stanford, for a reason that isn’t clear to me, could not be claimed without a paper filing and more documentation than I have. ie, I can’t prove I lived at 10128 Nantucket, so in sum, $67 was just not worth the hassle. I also checked VT and NJ- NJ turned up nothing, and VT turned up $15 owed to Mom; the process to recover that was far too onerous to even contemplate. However, $210 will almost pay for the McNamara portion of my electric bill! Thanks for the heads-up!

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