We had our third GSA auction on the 12th, and from the lack of on time posting about it, the correct conclusion is: uneventful. It went well. For the first time a week following the auction, most of the sold cars are gone. Previously they hung around for a couple weeks. I was very busy with simple recon leading up to this auction, the gsa admins approved a bunch of work immediately before the auction and it was a struggle to get it all done, but with some help from a guy I am occasionally permitted to train as a helper, everything ended up working out. Tons of oil changes and batteries.
I’m currently a tiny bit behind because the waste oil recovery guy didn’t show up on Thursday or Friday. Supposedly he had truck trouble and will be in on Monday, but I’ve been at capacity since Wednesday. I called on Monday.. Next time I could either call two weeks in advance, or call once I fill one 55 drum and always have one in reserve. They might be less willing to come for just 55 gallons, but I’ll find out.

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  1. Always have a plan B. Back-up drums sounds like a very good idea. It’s a good idea to plan for failure, ie, ask yourself “what could go wrong and then what would I do?” If the work can’t get done and the gsa auction gets screwed up in some way, who are they going to blame?

  2. well there used to be several waste oil recovery providers, but they all got bought out by one giant company, called safetykleen. They only have one driver that covers my service area. If he fails to show up on monday, I’m going to call corporate and complain and see what happens.

    For reasons too complicated to post here, I can’t simply add more waste oil drums.

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