Want to find me a house that I can afford with an inclusive monthly payment (mortgage, taxes, insurance, etc) up to $1200 that isn’t in foreclosure? LOL. I’ve spent a few hours looking at zillow today, but with hundreds of homes for sale below $350,000 I lose focus after looking at 4 or 5 places. I’d love to have a garage or a basement. I don’t want a pool. I do want a dog, so I need an enclosed yard. I feel like if I’m paying $300,000 for a house I shouldn’t have to renovate the kitchen, but maybe I’m wrong. Of course I want a gas stove and a gas dryer, but that can be changed. Theoretically I could build a garage or enclose a previously non enclosed yard with a fence.

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  1. I don’t know anything about repo’s and auctions on houses, but anecdotally I have heard it is a long, convoluted process and the outcome is uncertain. Given what happened to Kevin and Sarah (see reply to cc post), I really encourage you to pursue getting pre-approved. Then you can be opportunistic- watch and wait for just the right house for you. I have thought that if I EVER sell this house, and if I EVER buy another, a “fixer-upper” might be a good idea- I have time, and at least some skills. You might want to think about that as well. I would be willing to come out for an extended period of time to help! I can tear down sheet rock with the best Mexicans!

    You have probably read that the credit rating agencies are now under new rules that exclude liens, judgements, and some other stuff; maybe this would help you a bit? Or maybe the bogus claim never impacted you?

    • Oh, and remember when you are looking at houses, you may not have to pay the list price. Of course, I know that CA is a very tight housing market and sometimes you pay MORE than the list price- what’s it like in Stockton? That is the basic reason the McNamaras moved- they were simply priced out of the housing market. I know you have said you would never move to a cold weather climate, but what about other warm climates? I suspect your skill set is readily transferable.

  2. did you look at the purple victorian in the link? It would definitely be a fixer upper. I’m ok with renovating or remodeling, but I still have to live there. I saw a foreclosed house on zillow for 74,000 but there’s no functional kitchen or bathroom. I don’t think I can pull off living like that and still get to work on time.

    how much does it cost to build a house?

    Stockton is on the rise. Something is growing and expanding. I’m not sure what – there are a ton of huge warehouses and manufacturing facilities that sit empty and unused. But there are a lot of skilled workers moving to the area to work locally, and it’s driving home values and rent up. Some of the houses on zillow are more than 100 years old. It’s certainly seen plenty of industry changes.

  3. How much to build a house? I guess maybe the low end would be a “tiny house” with lots of donated help- my friend Heather Bryant thinks she is going to do this (but I have my doubts) for $20,000 to $30,000, but I’m not sure she will be able to live in the result long term- no running water, a composting toilet, I’m not sure about electricity.

    I can’t really answer the question because there are too many variables- where, lot cost, size, and on and on. Generally I think it will be cheaper for you to buy than build the equivalent, but who knows? Time has a money value as well- you buy now and can use it, or build and use it in 18 months.

    As I said, get approved for a mortgage, buy something, make it better, sell it for more, move up. Your first house won’t be you last house, and you can choose to accept stuff that in an ideal world would be deal breakers, knowing that it is only for a couple of years. If demand in Stockton is growing, getting in early would be a good thing.

  4. I meant to go to the bank on weds after the auction and inquire about mortgages, but by the time I got to wedsnesday afternoon I forgot. Initially I was thinking I should buy a nice house and live in it for the 15 years it takes to pay the mortgage (15 fixed), and then sell and profit from the appreciation, and upgrade / see where my career is, move / etc. But now I think you’re right. I should buy a livable house, make it better, sell it at some profit in 5 years or less, and upgrade, rinse and repeat.

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