now that I’m settled in, I’m starting to cut myself again

I did 10 situps on the roman chair one day, and then 10 situps holding 5 pounds in each hand pressed against the opposite shoulder with my arms crossed the next day, and alternated each day for a week. This week I’m alternating between 10 weighted situps as before and 20 unweighted. Going forward I think I’d like to increase the weight but not the weighted reps, and see how that balances out with increasing the unweighted reps. Simply doing a ton of unweighted situps each week go me in touch with more of my core muscles, but didn’t evoke the kind of definition I’m looking for.

I lifted a few weeks ago; I didn’t hurt myself, but I was sore enough that it impacted my ability to work. I lifted 20 lbs to fail, then 10 pounds to fail, in two different positions, alternating. It’s pretty wild to curl 10 lbs on the 29th rep and not make the 30th rep. Great muscle building strategy, but too intense. I couldn’t straighten my arms for 4 days. If I was going to do nothing but train, that might be possible.

One thought on “now that I’m settled in, I’m starting to cut myself again

  1. Two thoughts: (i) if you are doing Roman chair sit-ups, do hyper extensions in the same work out, and train both sides of your core; you can hold weights doing hyper extensions as well, and (ii) as you probably already know, cutting is done in the kitchen; train for strength, get cut up later, before the competition.

    Glad you back training! I slacked off, ostentatiously to do outside work, but I need to get back to training.

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