getting ruff

I brought a bunch of storage bins home from storage so I can start going through stuff and getting rid of what I really don’t need – stuff that’s been in storage – that I moved without sorting. I was about to begin the sorting process before I moved – I already had emptied out my storage unit down there and put all my stuff in the garage.

So now my place is a mess again, but I’m repacking stuff better, getting rid of old card board boxes, and making piles of stuff to lose. In the bottom of a box I found a dog collar, possibly from one of our previous goldens. It’s on the counter now serving as motivation, but it’s working better than I expected. I had another dog dream last night. I don’t remember where I was, or who I was with, but there was an adult golden there, well established part of someone’s family, and there was a 6 month old puppy, who was very content in my lap. The mind is a cruel thing sometimes.

4 thoughts on “getting ruff

  1. I understand. If you want to do the research and find a Golden line that is likely to be cancer free or cancer resistant, I’d be glad to pay for a puppy- they’re usually born in the spring. I have all the info on the breeder from whom we bought Bayley (who I thought was the best dog, ever) but she is in a small town north of Toronto. Not that we couldn’t do that, it would just be more complicated.

  2. I appreciate your generosity, but I’m not sure a cancer free golden line actually exists. I wouldn’t go out of my way to get a golden. If one literally fell into my lap I’d probably take it, but I’ve spent enough time with mutts and other breeds to be comfortable with whatever I end up choosing. However, I’ve also spent enough time with goldens for my brain to torture me with puppy composites. Gosh, all the reasons I could come up with for a holodeck, but not permanent puppies

  3. You’re probably right about a cancer free Golden line, but it occurs to me the same thing could be said about humans; it is just a matter of what kills first, I guess. My experience with other breeds and mutts is very limited, and with a Golden puppy, I feel like I know what to expect, within the obvious limits and variables, and with a puppy you get to bond early on and have a great deal of influence in terms of training and behavior. Good luck in your quest.

    Could you bring a dog to work? I would guess not?

  4. all the dog friendly job sites in that article you sent were office jobs.. if I had an enclosed office, it might be possible, but I don’t, and my work site is filled with cars driving around. In gardena the dogs have pens and shelter and fans, but it’s even hotter here; it would be inhumane to make a dog stay outside all the time in heat like this.

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