I put $1000 into GFAFX. I’d like to also invest in FOCPX but that has an initial investment requirement of $2500 and I need to retain some savings.

Should I buy a miele vacuum and put it on a credit card? It seems to be more expensive than a birthday present. I’m planning on getting a dog within a couple years so I’d like to get a vacuum with a powered head for the hair. But I’m also vacuum-less and have a dirty apartment. and I shed a lot too.

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  1. Yes! Congratulations! I applaud your decision and discipline! If you do this on a regular basis you will have a secure retirement.

    Let me know when you’d like your $20,000, I have already given SE and Kevin their gifts, which they are using to buy a house: https://www.zillow.com/savedhomes/for_sale/120655463_zpid/1_pnd/57.492213,-66.137696,12.511665,-127.485352_rect/3_zm/1_rs/1_fr/ They’re under contract now, close on 9/11/17, move date TBD. Act surprised if Sarie tells you about this herself. They truly lucked out- right place, right time, the sellers cut the price by $25k and they were able to buy it. I’ve got to give you this in two installments in two calendar years, so $14,000 now, $6,000 in January.

    On vacuums: Mom and I tried many, and most of them were terrible. Dyson for animal hair- total POS, heavy, awkward, and didn’t work well. Orreck: waste of time and money, utter POS. We’ve had uprights- a Hoover, I think- and wand vacs; I can’t remember them all, but the only vacuum I would recommend is the Miele with a power head, we’ve had two, and they work well. I bought one for SE for Christmas a few years ago and she likes hers. I think it is a good long term investment. Amazon has generic bags which are less expensive and work well. This, imho, would, in fact, be a good item to charge on a cc. Just be sure you can pay it off in a timely manner- even though you make the payments on time, you may be charged interest on the outstanding balance (that is the normal practice, but you may have gotten a special deal on your cards?). Good luck! Let me how you make out.

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