got my first taste of vertigo today

It’s awful! I didn’t feel it until I’d been at work for an hour, I got a car up on the lift, and I went under it to inspect it. I looked up, everything started spinning, and I had to grab the car and the lift to keep my footing while I completely lost my sense of balance. I researched some exercises, and thankfully it has mostly subsided; it was rough until lunch time and then I felt better, but I did get a little right after I got home. I had several “episodes” in those 3 hours-ish where I was fine with my head level, but incline or turn and tilt caused balance loss and spinning. Sitting down for a couple minutes helped. I didn’t sleep well last night, and I didn’t feel well in the morning, but at that time I figured I just had one beer too many the previous night. Taking it easy tonight, going to get lots of sleep.

I’ve been doing situps and back extensions in the mornings (I skipped today because I didn’t feel well) so I’d think I’d notice vertigo pretty quickly. OTOH, maybe skipping today screwed me up?

5 thoughts on “got my first taste of vertigo today

  1. The first thing I thought of was hydration- any chance you were a bit de-hydrated? Maybe try drinking a lot of water over the next few days?

  2. I drank a glass of water before going to bed. Maybe it wasn’t enough.

    I didn’t have any further episodes today; I actually felt great and pushed myself I a little harder than usual & was pleased with the results.

  3. That’s good to hear! Keep up with the water, it certainly can’t hurt to be well hydrated.

    We’re (everyone except Kevin) are going to SE’s house today- I’m being allowed to help arrange for the installation of propane service and a duel fuel gas range. I’l,l keep you up to date. It is 3 hours away, so your recommendation from years ago about how far apart we should live is being met, at least as long as I’m here.

  4. I think the most outrageous thing I saw on zillow about SE’s house was the garage heated by a wood stove. Like, what a total PITA. Second was the oil heat. I didn’t know people still used oil. Propane is much cleaner. Third was some dark wood paneling, but that might’ve just been the pictures.

    Dual fuel meaning gas range, electric oven? Is there something bad about a gas oven?

  5. Why there is a wood stove in the garage is a mystery. We think this guy was doing some kind of work out there, there is press of some kind in the garage. I doubt Kevin will heat the garage. When I saw the house this week, the rooms are smaller than the pictures led me to believe, and the wear and tear doesn’t show up in the pictures. The yard is really great, loads of space for the kids to play and plenty of room for a huge garden and, no doubt, chickens.

    You’re are correct on dual fuel. It turns out that in the brand we are considering, the gas ovens are about 2″ shorter than the electric. Deciding on a stove is proving to be incredibly complex and time consuming.

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