so many passwords

successfully linked my union bank account to my boa, etrade, and chase accounts. linked etrade back to union, and linked chase rewards to etrade. also have a debit card and a check book (on the way) for etrade, so lots of options.

in other news I attended free training provided by san joaquin county environmental health department in hazardous waste management for the automotive industry. Supposed to be 2 hours, went a little over. Tons of material, way too many acronyms, could easily spend a couple days on the subject. It wasn’t as bad as traffic school but still pretty mind numbing.

4 thoughts on “so many passwords

  1. Holy credit card, Bri! Simple is better, any chance you could consolidate? BOA must have a brokerage division?

    Were you asked to go to the environmental thing at work? Did thy givee you time off?

    • I actually have another investment account through an app called acorns. it takes the difference between the cents field and the next whole dollar on each transaction and collects them until they reach $5 and then transfer to an investment portfolio where they automatically invest in a variety of products. It’s working, but after 10 years I’m going to net $1500.. so I realized I needed to take investing more seriously.

      Yeah, the training was requested by work and I was paid for the time.

      • I am so pleasured that you are doing this and are actively planning for retirement. I have had this conversation with Danika, Anners, and Heather, and they still are doing nothing. Good for you to translate an intellectual understanding into action.

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