I said good morning to a dozen strangers today

I went for a 2.1 mile walk around the neighborhood this morning. I’ve been thinking wistfully about trying to break into running again, but I’m not even walking all that much any more. So today I got out and walked. Everybody I passed said good morning, whether they were watering the lawn, washing the car, or out exercising too, except one guy watering his flowers. I replied the first couple times and lead out the rest. Should’ve left earlier, it was starting to get hot when I was about halfway, around 8:15 or so.

One thought on “I said good morning to a dozen strangers today

  1. Good for you! I need to walk as well. I am looking forward to being alone again, when it will be much easier. Sarie is moving into her new house a week from this Friday, leaving in a few minutes to go there to meet with the contractor who is going to install the hood and range. I tried to get out of it, but Kevin insisted.

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