I could hide the fact that I want a bike. I don’t have to post about it publicly. But I feel honesty and transparency is a mutual benefit. The bike I’m currently thinking about getting is the Suzuki DR-Z400S. After taking the motorcycle safety course (MSF) on a Kawasaki KLR 250S (in 2012), I wanted to get that bike, but they stopped making them. The DR-Z is similar, but has a bigger motor and can cope with freeway speeds more easily. That’s not what it’s designed for, and not what I’d use it for. I mean, I would commute with it, but I’d also recreate with it off road. I love my truck, but there are a lot of places it can’t go because it’s too big. I’ve wanted a dual sport motorcycle for quite some time. Theoretically I’d acquire a cruiser motorcycle like a honda or a harley if I wanted to do long distance rides once I’m more experienced.

But the kicker is, getting a motorcycle helps with my career diversity and longevity. I might be able to pass the ASE motorcycle tests cold. I don’t know – I haven’t tried. Having a motorcycle to service and take apart and put back together would help immensely. Not only does GSA expect us to have a certified motorcycle mechanic on staff, but it would help me greatly in finding another job should the need arise.

Don’t worry, I’m still cautious, and I’m all about ATGATT; All The Gear All The Time. No shorts and sandals on the bike for me.

Oh, and if you’re all like, take a class, don’t buy a bike! There are no classes near by on motorcycle repair. MMI has locations in Phoenix (great, a hotter place) and Miami (great a hot and humid place).
Youtube has plenty of videos, and I’ve been watching and learning, but it’s not the same. Nothing supersedes muscle memory.

Also.. it’d be my second bike. I had one in San Ramon.

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  1. Bri, you’re all grown up, get to make your own decisions, and I don’t get to have a say anymore. But, I do get to worry. You are mature, very intelligent, and make good decisions. It the idiots on the road that don’t see motorcycles that are the danger. I’ll support you with whatever you decide.

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