it’s hard not to be bitter

new phone is a brick!

I’m so tired of Apple’s shit software, but man, none of their phones failed to work on delivery.

Made an unboxing / setup video for my new Pixel 2! But I had to stop it because setup got hung up. It kept saying that my iphone cable, used for transferring contacts and music and calendar, etc, was not working. This is a factory apple cable, that I use to sync my phone. It definitely works. I completed setup, and tried to figure out how to re-start the file transfer app. You can’t. You can copy files manually, or you can “reset” and re-run setup. New phone, nothing on it to lose, I do “factory data wipe” and start setup over again.

Second time through, I set the same PIN as the first, an 8 digit number I made up. I unlocked my phone many times after the first setup, unlocking definitely worked. Second time, the phone times out the screen and locks after setup is done. Go to unlock phone, won’t unlock. Says wrong PIN. Try 5 times, get locked out from trying. Try again. Still says wrong. The number is a combination of an old phone number, and someone’s address. There’s literally no way to get it wrong, plus the setup screen makes you enter it twice.

Chatted online with google support, walked me through the hardware reset. Setting up the phone requires logging into google. My google account is only, so far, used on my desktop; my password was a randomly generated string of 32 characters. I didn’t write it down. I had to change it tonight to set up the phone the first time. Logging in after the soft reset (setup #2) was not a problem. All of the sudden, on setup #3, I can’t log into google on the phone because the password was recently reset.

I’m completely fucking dumbfounded. Since the first setup, the pixel has taken over my phone number, and my iphone no longer receives service. Now I’m phone-less for 24 hours until I can attempt to setup the pixel again.

gsa sale yesterday

so our grounds maintenance dude was named Wilmer. He lived on site, in the warehouse, in a custom apartment. He’s from Honduras, and has been living here for at least 10 years, sending money back home, where he’s bought a couple farms and things are going well. But he left his pregnant wife.. so for whatever reason he decided he’s had enough, and he’s going back to Honduras. His side of the family knows, but his wife and children are in for the surprise of their lives. Wilmer left yesterday.

His replacement is Jose, a new guy. I don’t know if he has any grounds qualifications or not, but he speaks english much better. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know the lay of the land; he only shadowed Wilmer for a couple days. Jose also doesn’t seem to have Wilmer’s intuition or work ethic. Wilmer’s jobs and my jobs frequently over lap, so I’m hopeful about Jose, but nevertheless noting the red flags. Jose is not going to be living on site.

We had a going away party for Wilmer on Tuesday night after work at a local billiards place, run by an adjacent pizza place, and they have beer taps. I was there back in March or April, and they had IPAs on tap, and it was great. This week they had bud light and coors ;(. But free beer is free beer. Had some fun with coworkers. Lost more pool games than I won. Got home before 10, but I was still pretty tired and a little hung over going into Wednesday.

Weds is our auction day, and with a GSA sale, that means two auctions in a row. I did a good job recovering in the morning, managed to get to work on time, and went to maximum over drive for the two auctions. I worked on light duty tasks for the remaining two hours of the day – not only was I physically exhausted, but my brain was basically mush. I went to bed at 8 pm and got up this morning at 6 AM, feeling alert and refreshed. Both auctions went pretty well. Only ran about half the cars we usually run for GSA because that’s all they had.

Today was pretty cool. We’ve had some rain showers here and there, but today was the first day it rained on my way to work, it rained most of the day at work, and it was raining on my way home. I had to move to the desert to realize how much I like the rain.

got some rain on thursday night and the neighbor’s tank cars were shining bright when I got to work friday morning. then it clouded up for a few hours, sun came back in the afternoon but the cars had dried by then. I took this photo in the morning but the distance, and digital zoom made for a picture that really doesn’t do the original scene justice.

sun on wet tank cars

I need a plan

I’m great at starting things and not finishing them, and I always thought I was just easily distracted. Yesterday, while on break, I watched this video:

While watching it, I realized I actually have zero project management skills in relation to the projects I never finish. I’d like to say I have zero project management skills, but I do manage to complete complex projects at work, with a general plan, but nothing actually written down and mapped out; it’s usually all in my head.

thankfully I’m uninspired to make a cake baking robot, although I do think I could improve the design.

my thermostatic digital temperature controller is still about 50% done. I haven’t touched it since I lived in Hawthorne. I’m now about 75% on a back yard foundry project. I haven’t made any progress on my grill resto since I got it in storage. I still have two worm drive skil saws for resto from 2013 or so.

I’ve got like 300 pounds of cardboard to recycle, but I haven’t found a place that buys used cardboard that has a truck scale yet.

I’m frequently motivated to do the things that aren’t the most productive.

I don’t have trouble sleeping, but I have trouble going to bed on time, largely but not solely because I have trouble eating dinner on time.

The tires I want finally went on sale, buy 4 get 1 free, so I bought all 4. As it stands now my RL tire is pretty new (about 6 months old). FL has horrible alignment wear but holds air. FR is holding air with 35 oz of tire slyme in it, which makes it unbalanced and shakes at 45 mph, it has horrible alignment wear, and the inner sidewall is damaged from rubbing on the suspension due to being mounted on the wrong wheel. RR has 10% tread remaining but it’s sprung a new leak, and I’ve already slymed it once. Plus my spare is shredded, and I have another 10% tire with holes in the sidewall. The plan is to get rid of the two extra tires and the two rights, use RL as the new spare, and keep FL as a loose tire. Planning on getting an alignment and rear diff inspection when I get the tires mounted.

one of the things I wasn’t expecting about not drinking at all is how much I enjoy it.

a week in I bought some beer thinking I’d quit for two weeks and just pick it up again. now it’s been a calendar month, and I feel fine with continuing not to drink… except that (expensive) beer is going to go bad. A while back I did a bunch of experiments with aging beer for various lengths of time, different beer types. Came to a pretty clear understanding that unless the beer is brewed specifically to be aged for a certain amount of time, it’s best fresh, and it’s gross after a year. Stone brewing makes an IPA that’s supposed to be aged for a year, and it works great – aging actually improves the taste. But two years and it’s gross.

in honor of today’s GSA sale going fairly well, I’m having some beer tonight. The online auction provider went down today, apparently for at least northern california, and that delayed everything, but we ended up running the sale without them. Totally not our fault.

this week’s air report

Monday: Smelled like smoke in the morning, but no noticed effect on visibility.
Tuesday: Smelled strongly of smoke in the morning, and driving directly into the rising sun did not require the normal sun shade.
Wednesday: Visibility less than 1/4 mile. Strong smell of smoke, falling ash. Able to look directly at sun. Got to work, had trouble breathing. Wasn’t sure if I could make it through the day but the wind changed around noon, and by 2 PM the air was mostly clear.
Thursday: Smell of smoke, normal visibility.
Friday: Some smoke smell, normal visibility.

Solved the calendar problem on the third wipe. Wipe, restore, disable calendar sync, sign into cloud, turn calendar sync on.