I could hide the fact that I want a bike. I don’t have to post about it publicly. But I feel honesty and transparency is a mutual benefit. The bike I’m currently thinking about getting is the Suzuki DR-Z400S. After taking the motorcycle safety course (MSF) on a Kawasaki KLR 250S (in 2012), I wanted to get that bike, but they stopped making them. The DR-Z is similar, but has a bigger motor and can cope with freeway speeds more easily. That’s not what it’s designed for, and not what I’d use it for. I mean, I would commute with it, but I’d also recreate with it off road. I love my truck, but there are a lot of places it can’t go because it’s too big. I’ve wanted a dual sport motorcycle for quite some time. Theoretically I’d acquire a cruiser motorcycle like a honda or a harley if I wanted to do long distance rides once I’m more experienced.

But the kicker is, getting a motorcycle helps with my career diversity and longevity. I might be able to pass the ASE motorcycle tests cold. I don’t know – I haven’t tried. Having a motorcycle to service and take apart and put back together would help immensely. Not only does GSA expect us to have a certified motorcycle mechanic on staff, but it would help me greatly in finding another job should the need arise.

Don’t worry, I’m still cautious, and I’m all about ATGATT; All The Gear All The Time. No shorts and sandals on the bike for me.

Oh, and if you’re all like, take a class, don’t buy a bike! There are no classes near by on motorcycle repair. MMI has locations in Phoenix (great, a hotter place) and Miami (great a hot and humid place).
Youtube has plenty of videos, and I’ve been watching and learning, but it’s not the same. Nothing supersedes muscle memory.

Also.. it’d be my second bike. I had one in San Ramon.


108 today. I was going to walk after work, but FFFFFfffff that. I need to be asleep by the time it’ll be cool enough outside to go for a walk.

I tried to keep my core flexed a little / keep my posture perfect while walking yesterday and I could feel it in my glutes about 3/4 of the way through. I don’t remember ever really feeling my glutes while walking before (on flat ground even), so I’m left to wonder how much of my upper body moves, and what course it takes, while I walk. Tiny bit sore today around the hips.

apparently I’m a shareholder of 5 different Vanguard ETFs through my acorns account. I got to vote on a board of directors special meeting for each, mostly the same options across the selection.

I said good morning to a dozen strangers today

I went for a 2.1 mile walk around the neighborhood this morning. I’ve been thinking wistfully about trying to break into running again, but I’m not even walking all that much any more. So today I got out and walked. Everybody I passed said good morning, whether they were watering the lawn, washing the car, or out exercising too, except one guy watering his flowers. I replied the first couple times and lead out the rest. Should’ve left earlier, it was starting to get hot when I was about halfway, around 8:15 or so.

so many passwords

successfully linked my union bank account to my boa, etrade, and chase accounts. linked etrade back to union, and linked chase rewards to etrade. also have a debit card and a check book (on the way) for etrade, so lots of options.

in other news I attended free training provided by san joaquin county environmental health department in hazardous waste management for the automotive industry. Supposed to be 2 hours, went a little over. Tons of material, way too many acronyms, could easily spend a couple days on the subject. It wasn’t as bad as traffic school but still pretty mind numbing.

got my first taste of vertigo today

It’s awful! I didn’t feel it until I’d been at work for an hour, I got a car up on the lift, and I went under it to inspect it. I looked up, everything started spinning, and I had to grab the car and the lift to keep my footing while I completely lost my sense of balance. I researched some exercises, and thankfully it has mostly subsided; it was rough until lunch time and then I felt better, but I did get a little right after I got home. I had several “episodes” in those 3 hours-ish where I was fine with my head level, but incline or turn and tilt caused balance loss and spinning. Sitting down for a couple minutes helped. I didn’t sleep well last night, and I didn’t feel well in the morning, but at that time I figured I just had one beer too many the previous night. Taking it easy tonight, going to get lots of sleep.

I’ve been doing situps and back extensions in the mornings (I skipped today because I didn’t feel well) so I’d think I’d notice vertigo pretty quickly. OTOH, maybe skipping today screwed me up?

I put $1000 into GFAFX. I’d like to also invest in FOCPX but that has an initial investment requirement of $2500 and I need to retain some savings.

Should I buy a miele vacuum and put it on a credit card? It seems to be more expensive than a birthday present. I’m planning on getting a dog within a couple years so I’d like to get a vacuum with a powered head for the hair. But I’m also vacuum-less and have a dirty apartment. and I shed a lot too.

passive aggressive squared

my upstairs neighbors have been increasingly loud lately, and I’m having a hard time believing it’s not intentional. So I hooked up my stereo tonight and played some music. I had been just using my PC speakers, which put out a tremendous amount of sound, but it’s very local to my room. My stereo is in the living room and fills the rest of my apartment with sound. Hopefully they’ll take the hint (I played some cool music for a bit, and one minute of a very bass intensive track) otherwise I’m going to be listening to a lot of dub step.

getting ruff

I brought a bunch of storage bins home from storage so I can start going through stuff and getting rid of what I really don’t need – stuff that’s been in storage – that I moved without sorting. I was about to begin the sorting process before I moved – I already had emptied out my storage unit down there and put all my stuff in the garage.

So now my place is a mess again, but I’m repacking stuff better, getting rid of old card board boxes, and making piles of stuff to lose. In the bottom of a box I found a dog collar, possibly from one of our previous goldens. It’s on the counter now serving as motivation, but it’s working better than I expected. I had another dog dream last night. I don’t remember where I was, or who I was with, but there was an adult golden there, well established part of someone’s family, and there was a 6 month old puppy, who was very content in my lap. The mind is a cruel thing sometimes.