I managed to keep my sleep schedule mostly normal through my first week of not drinking by pushing myself physically. Everything went to shit friday night. Let me back up a little bit first. I haven’t been smoking as much weed, I’ve been trying to get high mostly from vaporizing cannabis oil in pre-filled cartridges that I can buy at a clinic. It’s a lot less harsh, but I still like to keep some flowers around, because vaporizing is not the same, and sometimes I need both. So early last week I picked up some of the strongest flower I could find, just to have on hand. I like it, but I don’t want to waste it, so I bought some cheap medium grade flower on friday to have over the weekend.

So I smoked some of the medium stuff on friday night to try it out. Went to bed around 10:30 PM, woke up at 3 AM because the Carbon Monoxide alarm battery was low. I didn’t figure out what was beeping until 6 AM. finally got back to sleep around 6:30 AM and slept til 1 PM. I was up for 8 or 9 hours, smoking weed and playing video games, and eating, but I could not keep my eyes open. I went to bed super early, and now it’s 3 AM Sunday and I’m wide awake. I just awoke from a super crazy deep brain dream about a girl I knew briefly in Chico. Naomi was one of the first girls I ever cared about; feelings weren’t mutual. We cuddled under the stars once on a magical night I can’t believe I can still remember. 18 years ago.

None of that was in the dream. Everyone was younger – or perhaps timeless, I’m not sure. It wasn’t in a set place or a set time, but there was a wonderful feeling of normalcy, of casual intimacy, as me and my companion (whose identity is blocked from me at this time, they weren’t strange in the dream) encountered Naomi while traveling, somewhere, and she got some time off work to go with us somewhere else and talk and laugh. Things went better than I expected and we had sex. Me and my companion continued on our vacation or trip or whatever, and Naomi went back to work and life went on. In the dream, Naomi was a blonde pixie from days past and familiar, nameless. Everyone was nameless. Dreams are weird like that. I awoke quite suddenly, just as I was beginning to reminisce about my sexual encounter to my companion and wonder if there would be more. BOOM.

I awake with a start, and this next part doesn’t usually happen. Usually I forget the dream, or vaguely remember the contents, but today, I woke up and brain said, You know what? That was Naomi you just dreamed about. I was in shock. Then I remembered the parts of the dream I just wrote about. The brain is a strange and mysterious thing. I don’t think I’ve thought of this chick in many years. I don’t know what her last name is, where she lives, if she’s alive, or ever got a degree. I can’t say for sure she’d remember me. I feel like I knew who my companion was in my dream, but some sort of line was drawn when I woke up, and when Naomi surfaced I blocked out the other person. My memory of them in the dream is literally blurry, like their identity was hidden in a photo.

Now I’m struggling to not assign meaning to coincidences.

I haven’t had anything to drink this week, so far. I haven’t decided how long my break will be.

I picked up a free propane BBQ on Monday after work. It was a couple towns south of work, and I didn’t think I’d be able to secure it at my apt so I left it in the back corner of work’s employee lot. I cleaned it up yesterday during lunch and after work. I need to order some parts for it, but the main body is ok. It’s got four burner banks, a rear burner, a rotisserie, a side burner, and a side table. Sorta like yours except it’s cheaper shit from home depot. I’m going to try to fit stainless components into it, since the original components rusted out, and were already replaced once. This is the second set that’s rusted out. I broke one of the grill plates hitting it on the ground to clean it – it’s made of cast pot metal and it shattered like glass. Today I loaded up the main body and stuck it in storage. I have best examples of the parts I need to replace here at the apt, and the grease catcher, which did rust out, at work. Once again I wish I had access to a sheet metal brake. Dunno if I’ll be able to find that part, don’t think it’s repairable, but might be able to just stick something on top.

I went for a 4.8 mile bike ride after work yesterday.

Wrestling with the grill today wasn’t nearly as taxing as Monday, as I was able to significantly reduce the weight; nevertheless I don’t feel like going for a ride. Maybe I’ll go for a walk in the morning.

surreal cat

I thought about how I’d post this entry a few times, I ended up forgetting I hadn’t actually posted it. A couple weeks ago, I was preparing for the GSA auction, and I was over loaded with work and trying not to get stressed out. I went for a walk before work, on Tuesday, I think. I did the 2.1 mile loop I had walked before. I left my apt around 6 AM. About 10 minutes in, I hadn’t seen anyone, everything was quiet and still, and I come across a cat wandering around a driveway, it sees me, darts under a car, and watches as I walk on by. When I’m next to the car I say “good morning” to the cat. Continue walking down the street, cross the street, see another car already chilling under a car in a driveway, so this one I “meow.” This is happening relatively quickly – the first two cats were about 3 blocks apart. I’m walking, and up far ahead I can distinguish a lady walking her dog. I’m not focusing on that, I’m just scanning for rocks and keeping a rhythm. All of the sudden I hear meow meow meow meow meow so I look up, and there’s this small grey cat walking fast down the sidewalk towards me, meowing the entire way.

When it got to me, I stopped, and said “Good Morning Cat,” and it rubbed against my legs. I put my hand out and wiggled my finger, and it reared up on its hind legs and nuzzled my finger. Meow meow meow meow. I said “Goodbye Cat,” and continued walking. I didn’t look back, but the cat didn’t follow. By far the friendliest cat I’ve ever encountered. Definitely a surreal experience.

I passed the lady with the dog a couple minutes later. She picked up her (small) leashed dog to walk past me on the sidewalk, and almost didn’t return my “Good Morning.”

foot’s ok

maybe I over reacted, maybe the ice helped, I dunno. It seems to be ok now. I aired up my tires and took my bicycle out for my first spin since moving. Not sure how far, prolly 3-4 miles. Found a cool bike path that takes me directly to The Habit / In-N-Out, or with a little more work, a pretty good pizza place. The bike path is also a popular fishing spot, and there’s a park on the way to the path. All kinds of recreational opportunities.

starting to like the elastic laces. nothing to get tangled in a bike chain. bike derailleur still not working correctly.

need to vent, lol

I worked some more on the tool cart friday night. Turns out my new truck battery did arrive on Friday, but I didn’t feel like messing with it after work.

So I picked up the battery from the manager’s office yesterday and installed it in my truck, so far so good. Finished putting the tool cart together, moved tools out of dresser, trying to decide what to put in the cart and what to put in my medium sized box, have my small box on the floor, packed full of supplies – nails, screws, fuses, brackets, etc. Did a bunch of laundry, but some didn’t dry out.

Today I’m putting away laundry, hanging some damp stuff up so it dries out, sorting tools and stuff, and I kick my little tool box. And I have no idea why. I’m so mad! I knew it was there, I was looking right at it, I told my foot to go around it, and it didn’t. But if I’m at work and I drop something, I can usually catch it without looking. I don’t understand how my hand eye coordination has gotten so good but I can still be so clumsy.

The day is young yet.


new vacuum

Amazing. Awesome. I love the swivel handle that turns the power head. Better suction than any vacuum I’ve used before. I’ve only used it twice and I’m really impressed.

tool cart:

It’s like a mini too box. Tools still in dresser, tool cart about 50% assembled. It’s the 4 drawer black tool cart on www.harborfreight.com


I bought new shoes, newest version of the New Balance Minimus shoes I’ve been wearing. Thought I’d try out elastic laces, so far, I hate them. Really difficult to adjust. Supposedly superior once dialed in, but I didn’t actually have a problem with laces.. so I don’t know how long I can last with this.

gsa auction today

went well after much preparation. I worked last week. I worked last weekend. I work all this week. I’m really looking forward to not doing anything this weekend. I ran – not just casual jogging – but repeated sprints, several times today during the gsa auction. I hustled during the regular auction, but all the cars were inside, so I didn’t have to go far FAST.

I’ve been slipping and sliding everywhere so I bought some new shoes. Pretty much the same thing as before, supposed improvements, lamer colors. As of this time I haven’t unboxed them yet.

I also went to Harbor Freight today, saw a deal on a tool cart. I can finally take the tools out of my dresser and put clothes in it again.

The battery in my truck died, so I ordered a nice new one online but it’s taking forever and I have to jump my truck with a portable jumper every time I want to start it. If you need a new portable jumper, DSR makes some good ones.


That’s the one I’ve been using. Will start my truck several times in a row without recharge. There’s a bigger one with twice the CCA, but I don’t think you’d need it. I rebuilt that one using some of my own parts plus parts from other dead jumpers lying around the shop.

Did you know a top of line, ocean faring kayak, customized, is well over $5,000?! I sure didn’t. Don’t worry, I don’t want to surf in a kayak.

I was experimenting with ways to extend weights to make situps and back extensions more difficult with the same amount of weight. I found something that worked and did a few reps each way to get a work out. yesterday. this morning I went to do 20 back ext reps but no weight, and I had trouble finishing. I skipped the situps. I was a little sore today, and I had to sit down for awhile because I was having trouble standing. Definitely pushed it too hard. Luckily today was super dead, and I was wandering around looking for things to do, so I found a sitting task.

I was a little hung over on thursday so I skipped exercising in the morning, and saturday I also skipped.. because I was lazy. There’s a fine line between making up for missed work outs and pushing too hard. I think. maybe.