Want to find me a house that I can afford with an inclusive monthly payment (mortgage, taxes, insurance, etc) up to $1200 that isn’t in foreclosure? LOL. I’ve spent a few hours looking at zillow today, but with hundreds of homes for sale below $350,000 I lose focus after looking at 4 or 5 places. I’d love to have a garage or a basement. I don’t want a pool. I do want a dog, so I need an enclosed yard. I feel like if I’m paying $300,000 for a house I shouldn’t have to renovate the kitchen, but maybe I’m wrong. Of course I want a gas stove and a gas dryer, but that can be changed. Theoretically I could build a garage or enclose a previously non enclosed yard with a fence.

We had our third GSA auction on the 12th, and from the lack of on time posting about it, the correct conclusion is: uneventful. It went well. For the first time a week following the auction, most of the sold cars are gone. Previously they hung around for a couple weeks. I was very busy with simple recon leading up to this auction, the gsa admins approved a bunch of work immediately before the auction and it was a struggle to get it all done, but with some help from a guy I am occasionally permitted to train as a helper, everything ended up working out. Tons of oil changes and batteries.
I’m currently a tiny bit behind because the waste oil recovery guy didn’t show up on Thursday or Friday. Supposedly he had truck trouble and will be in on Monday, but I’ve been at capacity since Wednesday. I called on Monday.. Next time I could either call two weeks in advance, or call once I fill one 55 drum and always have one in reserve. They might be less willing to come for just 55 gallons, but I’ll find out.

I got 2

Amazon emailed my on Thursday telling me I could add my newly approved CC to my amazon account before it arrives! But I didn’t. They also gave me $70 (amazon) gift credit. Yesterday in the mail I got a CC from Alaska Air with a $5,000 credit limit.

I must’ve crossed some threshold. I applied for a couple cards a year ago and I got turned down for both – despite “good” approval ratings from credit karma.

despite several advancements in technology

The only way I can get rolls of coins into my bank account is to visit a branch during their relatively small window of business hours. That’s something I was able to accomplish today since I get out a little early on auction days (weds). I forgot to deposit my paycheck for two days I did that as well. Much to my surprise, the teller informed me that I was pre-approved for a credit card. Two options, rewards card with high interest rate, or no rewards with lower interest rate, but no rates cited. LI/NR card has 0% APR for the first 12 months, starting from card activation, not final approval.

I declined. I just finalized an amazon prime card, but I haven’t yet received it, and I want to read the terms and be sure of what I’m dealing with before I start another credit line. I want an Alaska Airline credit card, and I applied for one, and they said (online) I’d get my answer in the mail. No answer so far.

Is there an advantage for me, at this time, to have multiple credit cards?

If you don’t want a puppy maybe the breeder has a sire that’s maxed out or infertile or something. There’s always the pound too – although less likely to find a purebred, I’m sure you could find a suitable canine companion.

So probably Saturday! Saturday I hope to find out how fucked my rear end is.

I think there might be something wrong with my rear differential. I rarely go above 70 MPH but there’s no traffic here, and everyone drives hella fast. Like 80+ in the fast lane. My truck is great at 55, I didn’t build it with the intention of going 80. But a few times I’ve been late for work and I’ve gone 75 instead my usual 65-70. And I hear a buzzing from the rear with the windows up and radio off. But only at 75.

I took the top of the back, the tonneau cover, in order to facilitate moving stuff. It’s in storage. I seem to recollect encountering a resonate noise in my bed covering (called bedrug) at certain speeds with the top off from many years past. The only test would be to put the cover back on and see if I can still hear the noise. Simple enough, but it’s really heavy and a huge PITA. Ironically, I want to get rid of it and get a camper shell, which is even heavier and harder to store / move.

But it’s worse, I had 4wheelparts rebuild my front and rear axles with new gear ratios in 2013. My rear end got an electric locker, which after two harness replacements by myself, still works. It also got an LSD – Limited Slip Differential, which never worked right. I should’ve brought it back but I didn’t want to lose my daily driver. The rear diff cover has developed some oil seeps, so I’ve been keeping up on the oil level and it hasn’t lost enough that I need to add any. But it’s possible that the failed LSD clutch components have contaminated the oil and affected the other parts. I was going to take the truck into 4wheelparts today for a diag, but I failed to anticipate the length of the combined auctions.

Last line is title!

so I got through one hour and fifty one minutes of the latest bourne movie before I became too fed up with all the ridiculous bullshit… It just wasn’t funny anymore.


Had our second GSA auction today, following the regular SBAA auction like last time. This time we ran 145 GSA units and it took 3 hours starting at 1 pm. It’s hot today, mid 90’s. I put in some work today, and honestly, it felt good to power through everything (strong and healthy!), but now that I’m home I’m feeling kinda beat. I spend a good chunk of my time putting out fires, thankfully not literally, and auction day isn’t anything different. One guy couldn’t get a car started and figured it was out of gas. But it was parked on a slight incline, and he only put 1/2 a gallon in, it didn’t start, and I was sent in.

Initially I suspected sabotage, as it’s unfortunately pretty common, and a lot of car dealers are unscrupulous. However the more I troubleshot, the more I suspected it was out of fuel, and when I saw the can the guy used, I figured fully checking fuel was in order. I put two gallons in and it started right up.

Same dude, through no fault of his own, stalled another car out; it ran out of gas. But it was parked on a ramp, with a steep incline, and I told the guys to move the cars behind it so we could roll it back and get it started after putting 2 gallons in it.

Then there was this other unit with a messed up ignition that started with a certain trick. But some asshole dealer took it upon himself to take it apart, rendering it inoperable. I was able to put it back together and get it running, but the staff here isn’t as vigilant as Gardena, and dealers cause the outside workers a lot of headaches.

We have signs everywhere saying scanners (and weapons, among other things) are prohibited from the GSA sale. Today I was watching the end of the auction and there was a buyer standing at the podium holding a $25,000 Snap-On scanner in his hand. I pointed it out to my boss, who confronted the guy, and ate the lie he told him. Didn’t kick him out, didn’t make him remove the scanner. That’s some bullshit. I’m going to bring up the dude (not my boss’s handling) at the post-sale meeting; we need to work to prevent people from bringing them in. One of my tasks is to walk around and make sure people are following the rules, answer any general or procedural questions, help start cars for people, etc.

I forgot to mention

I got my truck smogged this past week. The tech did a visual inspection and left a semi-wireless scanner device hooked up to the truck while it was running for 5 minutes or so. That’s it. It passed. No physical emissions measurement, no loaded dynamometer testing. I was blown away. Took 10 minutes tops, start to finish.