went to wholefoods today

Really just wanted to replenish some spices that I’ve run out of, and can’t find anywhere else like Organic Smoked Paprika. Also got some of the most expensive spice, Saffron, among a few other cheaper, like pink Himalayan salt, regular paprika, smoked red jalapeno, marjoram, cinnamon sticks. I’m all set to make some rubs, curries, and chili.

While I was there I drooled at the meat counter, picked up two different kinds of organic whole milk kefir, a bottle of 8% alcohol peach kombucha, and some Lagunitas Black Swan. I then scanned my amazon / wholefoods QR code at the check out, and paid with my google pay app.

Some new cars allow for your phone to be programmed as a key.. so in the future you might not need keys or a wallet, just a phone. or whatever replaces the phone.

As from the picture I sent, I had a test fire in my new BBQ last Thursday, and I also burned the grease off the used grills for the smoker I got off craigslist. I also cleaned out the smoker and had a test smoke run, everything seems to be working well and not leaking, so that’s encouraging.

I got a smoker on craigslist for free

It’s pretty big, easily fit multiple full racks of ribs and a couple briskets at the same time. Offset smoker, natural fire. I thought, hey, maybe I can smoke a small pig. I go online to see how much they are, see the pictures, and realize I can’t do it.

I bought bacon today. I’ve seen a pig slaughter. But I don’t want to cook a dead baby pig.

I’m kinda amazed I can still be amazed.

every day off I’ve had in the past four weeks, it’s rained. At first I just accepted it, and moved in the rain, but now that I’m down to stuff I don’t critically need, and my truck bed has been soaked for weeks, I’m finally taking a day to stay in. There’s plenty to do here, unpacking, organizing, etc. I already took an opportunity to take a walk while it was just sprinkling, it’s pretty balmy, but it’s pouring now, so I’m glad I’m inside again.

El Seg in general is warmer than Stockton. We had some hard frosts in Stockton, nights into the high 30s were pretty common. However, the Stockton apt was more recently built, insulated, and had adjacent units on 3 sides. Here in El Seg, the apt is minimally insulated if at all, has adjacent units on just two sides, and I have a 6′ by 2.5′ single pane window set in my room. I’ve adapted by wearing more layers, eating more, and putting my black out curtains over the mini-blinds so I get less window draft and light (but the curtains are black, so they might actually help with heat from the sun too).

sharing a bathroom is never fun, and this bathroom is particularly tiny. the other guy is even more reclusive than I, is a serial cereal eater, works from home, and doesn’t drink.

ideal sunday

sipping bourbon, watching the rain, listening to jazz.

I found out the city: Royse City, Texas. Most likely I’ll look for housing in nearby Rockwall, TX.

Successfully got rid of my tonneau cover on Friday. Seeing the size of the lake near Rockwall, I’m no longer sure I want a kayak. I might actually want a sail boat or something bigger. Not sure if I want to proceed with the lumber rack plan or not. I wanted to mount lights to the rack, and that’s pretty much impossible without it, so I’ll have to think about it.

this is the recipe I improvised from

Mongolian Beef Recipe, An “Authentic” version

So marinating the beef in 1 tsp of oil, 1 tsp of soy sauce, and 1 tbsp of corn starch didn’t work out. That doesn’t make a marinade, that makes a brick. I was doubling the marinade for twice the amount of beef, I used 1 tsp of roasted sesame oil, 1 tsp of EVOO, 1 tbsp of cornstarch (not sure why), and 2 cups of low sodium soy sauce. Marinated for about 2 hours – prep took longer than I thought, plus I was also prepping veggies for a stew.

I dredged half the meat in more corn starch, and the other with panko, which was way better. I cut the meat a little thicker than a 1/4 inch, and even with more than a minute per side deep frying, the result was still pretty rare. Next time I’d opt for thinner cuts and longer cooking time if I’m serving guests. For me it was fine.

I made the sauce before cooking the meat, because I put in a lot of vegetable mass, and wanted to be able to cook the onions down. Even with my electric stove, I didn’t have any problem filling the wok with meat to fry, the oil retained plenty of heat.

possibly the second to last GSA sale today.

we’re scheduled to have another on 12/5/18, but it’s possible there could be another before the end of the year. Only supposed to have regular auctions through the end of December, and January will be a month of packing, moving, and discarding.

Pretty small GSA sale, only ran about 80 units, approx. half of normal. So it was a lot less crazy, and I was able to run all the units myself without any help, or even any running. Additionally, the IT end went smoothly and the auction was pretty successful, even with a lower turn out than normal.

Some people try to re-invent the wheel, and fail. Like my manager. I don’t understand. We have ways of doing things because they produce consistent quality results. If you skip steps, the process fails. Sure, you can override my advice, but it’s just a waste of time and money. I’d think he’d learn, but nope.

I’m looking forward to a fresh start in Texas. I really hope we can find train-able employees. It’s super frustrating to tell someone not to do something, and then find them doing it (again) a couple weeks later. No, that’s STILL NOT OK.

Went out the past couple fridays with coworkers. Trying to party down with the Stockton crew before we disband, but it was a better plan than I originally realized, as people are finding new jobs and leaving pretty rapidly. While I’d like to expand the friday night event to more employees, the group is already shrinking quite a bit, and it doesn’t look like we’re going to hire any body, so now some people have 3 or 4 jobs instead of the usual 2.

I made “chinese food” on Sunday night

mongolian beef. Something made up in the US, doesn’t actually exist in China. Improvised based on a recipe. 12/10 Would pay money for / make again.

I put additional onions in, chopped some ginger instead of grating it, and put in a ghost pepper in addition to the listed two dried chilis. and a whole head of garlic instead of a couple cloves. The heat was sublime, balanced by brown sugar, caramelized onions, and soy sauce.

this is for my memory

so the next day, after my last post, we had a rumor control meeting where the buck was passed to our HR director, in a meeting to come the following week, and separately, I found out some important details and got an offer directly from one of the owners.

the next week, at that meeting, said HR director confirmed the rumors are true, Stockton location is closing, and everyone could get letters of recommendation, some people might get offers to continue, will meet with everyone individually, etc. So at my turn, her offer is a little different from the original pitch, and I point out some discrepancies. She says she’ll straighten it out, and she does – turns out her briefing was a little incomplete, and my version was verified.

I’ve mostly given up on moving

I still look for a new place, but there’s just so much uncertainty now. I want to move to a cheaper place that allows pets, and use the difference in rent to support that, but if I end up staying in Stockton long term, I think I’d rather stay where I am and get a pet when the garnishment ends.

I moved the money I’ve been holding for moving back into my high growth savings account, now at 2.05%, minus $500 which I sent to my investment account to try and make a positive out of the low market position. I increased my AMD shares from 10 to 39.

I’ve heard from two co-workers that the plan for opening the Dallas location involves closing the Stockton location. Otherwise, that rumor is unsubstantiated. The website, I noticed yesterday, has been updated, announcing the Dallas location will open in the first quarter of 2019 & that key personnel will be heading the Dallas location from Stockton. I have previously under-estimated their time tables, but at this point I’m feeling like I’m not key personnel, and will be laid off / fired in the near future.

I’ve honestly been taken care of so far. I’d really like a heads up if I’m going to be asked to move or fired / whatever with 3 months notice, but that window appears to have run out.