surreal cat

I thought about how I’d post this entry a few times, I ended up forgetting I hadn’t actually posted it. A couple weeks ago, I was preparing for the GSA auction, and I was over loaded with work and trying not to get stressed out. I went for a walk before work, on Tuesday, I think. I did the 2.1 mile loop I had walked before. I left my apt around 6 AM. About 10 minutes in, I hadn’t seen anyone, everything was quiet and still, and I come across a cat wandering around a driveway, it sees me, darts under a car, and watches as I walk on by. When I’m next to the car I say “good morning” to the cat. Continue walking down the street, cross the street, see another car already chilling under a car in a driveway, so this one I “meow.” This is happening relatively quickly – the first two cats were about 3 blocks apart. I’m walking, and up far ahead I can distinguish a lady walking her dog. I’m not focusing on that, I’m just scanning for rocks and keeping a rhythm. All of the sudden I hear meow meow meow meow meow so I look up, and there’s this small grey cat walking fast down the sidewalk towards me, meowing the entire way.

When it got to me, I stopped, and said “Good Morning Cat,” and it rubbed against my legs. I put my hand out and wiggled my finger, and it reared up on its hind legs and nuzzled my finger. Meow meow meow meow. I said “Goodbye Cat,” and continued walking. I didn’t look back, but the cat didn’t follow. By far the friendliest cat I’ve ever encountered. Definitely a surreal experience.

I passed the lady with the dog a couple minutes later. She picked up her (small) leashed dog to walk past me on the sidewalk, and almost didn’t return my “Good Morning.”

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  1. It is so good that you are exercising! I need to get back to doing something, I’d like to start walking again. I’ve been having a couple of minor muscle issues that are holding me back, I’m thinking about going for a massage tomorrow. Keep ot up!

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