I haven’t had anything to drink this week, so far. I haven’t decided how long my break will be.

I picked up a free propane BBQ on Monday after work. It was a couple towns south of work, and I didn’t think I’d be able to secure it at my apt so I left it in the back corner of work’s employee lot. I cleaned it up yesterday during lunch and after work. I need to order some parts for it, but the main body is ok. It’s got four burner banks, a rear burner, a rotisserie, a side burner, and a side table. Sorta like yours except it’s cheaper shit from home depot. I’m going to try to fit stainless components into it, since the original components rusted out, and were already replaced once. This is the second set that’s rusted out. I broke one of the grill plates hitting it on the ground to clean it – it’s made of cast pot metal and it shattered like glass. Today I loaded up the main body and stuck it in storage. I have best examples of the parts I need to replace here at the apt, and the grease catcher, which did rust out, at work. Once again I wish I had access to a sheet metal brake. Dunno if I’ll be able to find that part, don’t think it’s repairable, but might be able to just stick something on top.

I went for a 4.8 mile bike ride after work yesterday.

Wrestling with the grill today wasn’t nearly as taxing as Monday, as I was able to significantly reduce the weight; nevertheless I don’t feel like going for a ride. Maybe I’ll go for a walk in the morning.

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  1. I am not drinking now, either. I stopped for about 9 weeks, then fell off the wagon around Labor Day. Traveling to NH doesn’t help- we went out for dinner on Friday and I had 3 beers, then drank when I got home, but stopped on Monday. When I drink, I drink too much, and wake up hung over. I’ve got too much to do to waste over 1/2 the day not feeling like doing anything. Hang in there! I really like waking up feeling good.

    Sounds like you are spending a lot of time and money on something that might be better bought new when you find a place you can actually grill? Half of my grill doesn’t work- it lights, but then flames out. I have no idea why. I’ve been thinking about getting a Webber, but now that it’s just me again, I’ll probably wait.

  2. The grill doesn’t look like it’s sold any more, but it’s comparable to a $500 grill at homedepot now. I’m looking to put ~ $100 in parts to it, time is free! I’m hoping it’ll work out well, but it’s a calculated risk. 🙂

    Yesterday I renewed my apt lease for a year. While signing the new lease I clarified BBQing since most people have grills.. they don’t care about grilling outside, they just don’t want people grilling inside.. which isn’t what the lease says, but it does align with practice. One day I came home and there were people charcoal grilling in the driveway (not in the way), and they didn’t get any flak. I don’t have a convenient place to lock a grill to so it won’t sprout legs and walk away, but I’ll figure something out.

    Your grill can likely be fixed. Everything is modular and easy to replace, usually. It sounds like the grill tubes that aren’t staying lit are either leaking somewhere, or not getting enough flow. It might be as simple as the regulator, or a hole in the grill tube.

      • Well, that’s good news about being able to grill!! Since you’re on the ground floor, is there a “patio” door so that you could grill outside your apartment? I don’t know enough to try and fix my grill. I’m down to one side, plus the rotisserie, which is all I need. I haven’t cooked anything on the stove since I cleaned it, going on two weeks.

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