I need a plan

I’m great at starting things and not finishing them, and I always thought I was just easily distracted. Yesterday, while on break, I watched this video:

While watching it, I realized I actually have zero project management skills in relation to the projects I never finish. I’d like to say I have zero project management skills, but I do manage to complete complex projects at work, with a general plan, but nothing actually written down and mapped out; it’s usually all in my head.

thankfully I’m uninspired to make a cake baking robot, although I do think I could improve the design.

my thermostatic digital temperature controller is still about 50% done. I haven’t touched it since I lived in Hawthorne. I’m now about 75% on a back yard foundry project. I haven’t made any progress on my grill resto since I got it in storage. I still have two worm drive skil saws for resto from 2013 or so.


I’ve got like 300 pounds of cardboard to recycle, but I haven’t found a place that buys used cardboard that has a truck scale yet.

I’m frequently motivated to do the things that aren’t the most productive.

I don’t have trouble sleeping, but I have trouble going to bed on time, largely but not solely because I have trouble eating dinner on time.

The tires I want finally went on sale, buy 4 get 1 free, so I bought all 4. As it stands now my RL tire is pretty new (about 6 months old). FL has horrible alignment wear but holds air. FR is holding air with 35 oz of tire slyme in it, which makes it unbalanced and shakes at 45 mph, it has horrible alignment wear, and the inner sidewall is damaged from rubbing on the suspension due to being mounted on the wrong wheel. RR has 10% tread remaining but it’s sprung a new leak, and I’ve already slymed it once. Plus my spare is shredded, and I have another 10% tire with holes in the sidewall. The plan is to get rid of the two extra tires and the two rights, use RL as the new spare, and keep FL as a loose tire. Planning on getting an alignment and rear diff inspection when I get the tires mounted.

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