gsa sale yesterday

so our grounds maintenance dude was named Wilmer. He lived on site, in the warehouse, in a custom apartment. He’s from Honduras, and has been living here for at least 10 years, sending money back home, where he’s bought a couple farms and things are going well. But he left his pregnant wife.. so for whatever reason he decided he’s had enough, and he’s going back to Honduras. His side of the family knows, but his wife and children are in for the surprise of their lives. Wilmer left yesterday.

His replacement is Jose, a new guy. I don’t know if he has any grounds qualifications or not, but he speaks english much better. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know the lay of the land; he only shadowed Wilmer for a couple days. Jose also doesn’t seem to have Wilmer’s intuition or work ethic. Wilmer’s jobs and my jobs frequently over lap, so I’m hopeful about Jose, but nevertheless noting the red flags. Jose is not going to be living on site.

We had a going away party for Wilmer on Tuesday night after work at a local billiards place, run by an adjacent pizza place, and they have beer taps. I was there back in March or April, and they had IPAs on tap, and it was great. This week they had bud light and coors ;(. But free beer is free beer. Had some fun with coworkers. Lost more pool games than I won. Got home before 10, but I was still pretty tired and a little hung over going into Wednesday.

Weds is our auction day, and with a GSA sale, that means two auctions in a row. I did a good job recovering in the morning, managed to get to work on time, and went to maximum over drive for the two auctions. I worked on light duty tasks for the remaining two hours of the day – not only was I physically exhausted, but my brain was basically mush. I went to bed at 8 pm and got up this morning at 6 AM, feeling alert and refreshed. Both auctions went pretty well. Only ran about half the cars we usually run for GSA because that’s all they had.

Today was pretty cool. We’ve had some rain showers here and there, but today was the first day it rained on my way to work, it rained most of the day at work, and it was raining on my way home. I had to move to the desert to realize how much I like the rain.

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  1. The new guy’s name had to be Jose, right? I hope, for your sake, he works out. Maybe he’s coachable? “Hey Jose, it might be a good idea if you….”

    You write really well, I enjoyed reading your narrative.

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