it’s hard not to be bitter

new phone is a brick!

I’m so tired of Apple’s shit software, but man, none of their phones failed to work on delivery.

Made an unboxing / setup video for my new Pixel 2! But I had to stop it because setup got hung up. It kept saying that my iphone cable, used for transferring contacts and music and calendar, etc, was not working. This is a factory apple cable, that I use to sync my phone. It definitely works. I completed setup, and tried to figure out how to re-start the file transfer app. You can’t. You can copy files manually, or you can “reset” and re-run setup. New phone, nothing on it to lose, I do “factory data wipe” and start setup over again.

Second time through, I set the same PIN as the first, an 8 digit number I made up. I unlocked my phone many times after the first setup, unlocking definitely worked. Second time, the phone times out the screen and locks after setup is done. Go to unlock phone, won’t unlock. Says wrong PIN. Try 5 times, get locked out from trying. Try again. Still says wrong. The number is a combination of an old phone number, and someone’s address. There’s literally no way to get it wrong, plus the setup screen makes you enter it twice.

Chatted online with google support, walked me through the hardware reset. Setting up the phone requires logging into google. My google account is only, so far, used on my desktop; my password was a randomly generated string of 32 characters. I didn’t write it down. I had to change it tonight to set up the phone the first time. Logging in after the soft reset (setup #2) was not a problem. All of the sudden, on setup #3, I can’t log into google on the phone because the password was recently reset.

I’m completely fucking dumbfounded. Since the first setup, the pixel has taken over my phone number, and my iphone no longer receives service. Now I’m phone-less for 24 hours until I can attempt to setup the pixel again.

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  1. Bri, I am so sorry. I understand how incredibly frustrating this is. Maybe the next time, get on with tech support and have them walk through it with you?

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