it must be christmas time

I had previously scheduled two online poker tournaments for this past weekend, both at 1 pm, one on sat and the other sunday. I didn’t actually pick the times or anything, I just happened to qualify for both. I played the one on saturday, and it was more than I could handle. Way too many chips to start off with, took way too long. I got bored after 2.5 hours, and made some risky bets, ended up placing #143 out of an initial 1300 or so. The first 60 places pay.

I stayed up too late on friday, and I slept til noon on saturday, so I had less than an hour to get ready to play poker for a long period of time.

After a disappointing poker experience I tried playing another game, but it kept lagging. My graphics card is several years out of date; I’ve been eyeing prices on new ones, but it seems like prices have only gone up since august. I’m hoping they’ll go down a little after xmas. My computer makes up for my lack of video memory with virtual memory on a hard drive.

I rebooted my machine to attempt to clear the bottleneck with the game. It usually runs like shit, since it’s a recent title, but this time it literally froze for minutes at a time and I couldn’t explain why. Until my boot froze with a BIOS error: SMART Hard Drive Reallocation Error. Fortunately I was smart enough to build my computer with a solid state drive for my OS, but the storage drive I’ve been using to house my music collection, as well as provide virtual memory for my computer has started to fail, spectacularly. I spent the remainder on sat and all of sunday painstakingly copying data from the failing drive at 1/10 the normal speed. Fortunately I had enough room on another drive to accommodate what I needed to back up. Fortunately everything appears to have copied error free. I had to put an auxiliary fan directly on the failed hard drive just to keep it from over heating – over it reached about 39 C it wouldn’t transfer at all. I haven’t tried writing to the drive since I discovered it’s failing, only reading.

I overnighted two drives through amazon. I intended to set them up in a mirror, hardware enabled RAID, but for some reason that escapes me, my motherboard enabled RAID on ports 1-4 only. 6 ports total. 5-6 on its own channel. I already have 3 SATA devices, adding two.. sure we be great if I could enable RAID on 5-6 only?!
But I can’t. Windows allows RAID 0, striping, in software, so that’s what I’ll do. I’ll need another drive to back up to, manually. For now. Good news is I went from 1 TB to 6 TB. Ah poor graphics card, I’ll get around to you eventually.

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  1. I tried playing on-line poker for a while, but then read how people cheat, so I gave up. Then, years later, a lot of sites were shut down by the feds. I’m surprised you can still play for money.

    How much for a better motherboard?

  2. Better motherboard isn’t really an option. It does have this one issue, but I selected this board after a fair amount of research to be more than I needed. I suppose I decided I didn’t really need a RAID setup after using one for awhile and not needing it. Of course when I don’t have it I need it. Otherwise the motherboard is way over built for my purposes. Changing that would require reinstalling the OS, buying new RAM, processor, cooler, etc. I’m not looking to start over from scratch at this point.

    My motherboard is built for over clocking pretty much everything, and I haven’t been using those features until recently. If you’re curious, this is the manual:

    It’d be fun to build another machine or two for different purposes; I’d like to have a small networked media server and I’ve been meaning to build a test bed setup to check older hardware and either recycle, reuse or donate all the parts I have lying around. Those projects are still in the idea incubator; I haven’t really considered parts for them.

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