I’ve been looking at new vehicles

Don’t want to get rid of my truck, but it sure would be nice to commute in something a lot more fuel efficient. The toyota 86 looks pretty sweet, but it’s out of my reach until I stop renting. But I also looked at 2018 Silverados online, and priced one out over $65,000 pretty easily. Just the single cab short bed v6 starts at 28K. Can’t believe how expensive they are. But it’s ok, because I don’t really need another truck.

In other news, the motorcycle I most wanted to buy, which stopped being made in 2014, is back for 2018! KLX 250

2 thoughts on “I’ve been looking at new vehicles

  1. Maybe something used? Could you buy something from SBAA or is that not allowed?

    I looked at the KLX 250- not that I know anything, but that doessn’t look to e like the kind of bike you would use to commute? Or even to use to go pick up Beer?

  2. I’m not sure, employees up here don’t have as many auction cars as down in LA, I don’t know the exact reason though. I’d need the total sum up front in all likelihood.

    The 250 is perfect for getting into riding, short trips, and light to moderate off road use. Since work is 15 minutes away, commuting wouldn’t be a big deal. Top speed is probably around 60-65, so it wouldn’t be good for long trips. I could get a used cruiser a few years down the line once I get a feel for what I need.

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