it must be christmas time

I had previously scheduled two online poker tournaments for this past weekend, both at 1 pm, one on sat and the other sunday. I didn’t actually pick the times or anything, I just happened to qualify for both. I played the one on saturday, and it was more than I could handle. Way too many chips to start off with, took way too long. I got bored after 2.5 hours, and made some risky bets, ended up placing #143 out of an initial 1300 or so. The first 60 places pay.

I stayed up too late on friday, and I slept til noon on saturday, so I had less than an hour to get ready to play poker for a long period of time.

After a disappointing poker experience I tried playing another game, but it kept lagging. My graphics card is several years out of date; I’ve been eyeing prices on new ones, but it seems like prices have only gone up since august. I’m hoping they’ll go down a little after xmas. My computer makes up for my lack of video memory with virtual memory on a hard drive.

I rebooted my machine to attempt to clear the bottleneck with the game. It usually runs like shit, since it’s a recent title, but this time it literally froze for minutes at a time and I couldn’t explain why. Until my boot froze with a BIOS error: SMART Hard Drive Reallocation Error. Fortunately I was smart enough to build my computer with a solid state drive for my OS, but the storage drive I’ve been using to house my music collection, as well as provide virtual memory for my computer has started to fail, spectacularly. I spent the remainder on sat and all of sunday painstakingly copying data from the failing drive at 1/10 the normal speed. Fortunately I had enough room on another drive to accommodate what I needed to back up. Fortunately everything appears to have copied error free. I had to put an auxiliary fan directly on the failed hard drive just to keep it from over heating – over it reached about 39 C it wouldn’t transfer at all. I haven’t tried writing to the drive since I discovered it’s failing, only reading.

I overnighted two drives through amazon. I intended to set them up in a mirror, hardware enabled RAID, but for some reason that escapes me, my motherboard enabled RAID on ports 1-4 only. 6 ports total. 5-6 on its own channel. I already have 3 SATA devices, adding two.. sure we be great if I could enable RAID on 5-6 only?!
But I can’t. Windows allows RAID 0, striping, in software, so that’s what I’ll do. I’ll need another drive to back up to, manually. For now. Good news is I went from 1 TB to 6 TB. Ah poor graphics card, I’ll get around to you eventually.

well I just spent $200 on ammo because CA made it illegal to buy ammo online effective 1/1/18. 12/15/17 is the last day to order online at Cabelas, and they have some pretty good deals right now. Next year, all ammo must be bought from an FFL, and starting in the summer, all ammo purchases will require a background check.

I really like it here. I like my job, the people I work with are good or tolerable, which is SO different from Gardena… The housing market here has doubled in five years, and it looks like it’s not too late to invest, but there are some really dumb laws.

it’s hard not to be bitter

new phone is a brick!

I’m so tired of Apple’s shit software, but man, none of their phones failed to work on delivery.

Made an unboxing / setup video for my new Pixel 2! But I had to stop it because setup got hung up. It kept saying that my iphone cable, used for transferring contacts and music and calendar, etc, was not working. This is a factory apple cable, that I use to sync my phone. It definitely works. I completed setup, and tried to figure out how to re-start the file transfer app. You can’t. You can copy files manually, or you can “reset” and re-run setup. New phone, nothing on it to lose, I do “factory data wipe” and start setup over again.

Second time through, I set the same PIN as the first, an 8 digit number I made up. I unlocked my phone many times after the first setup, unlocking definitely worked. Second time, the phone times out the screen and locks after setup is done. Go to unlock phone, won’t unlock. Says wrong PIN. Try 5 times, get locked out from trying. Try again. Still says wrong. The number is a combination of an old phone number, and someone’s address. There’s literally no way to get it wrong, plus the setup screen makes you enter it twice.

Chatted online with google support, walked me through the hardware reset. Setting up the phone requires logging into google. My google account is only, so far, used on my desktop; my password was a randomly generated string of 32 characters. I didn’t write it down. I had to change it tonight to set up the phone the first time. Logging in after the soft reset (setup #2) was not a problem. All of the sudden, on setup #3, I can’t log into google on the phone because the password was recently reset.

I’m completely fucking dumbfounded. Since the first setup, the pixel has taken over my phone number, and my iphone no longer receives service. Now I’m phone-less for 24 hours until I can attempt to setup the pixel again.

gsa sale yesterday

so our grounds maintenance dude was named Wilmer. He lived on site, in the warehouse, in a custom apartment. He’s from Honduras, and has been living here for at least 10 years, sending money back home, where he’s bought a couple farms and things are going well. But he left his pregnant wife.. so for whatever reason he decided he’s had enough, and he’s going back to Honduras. His side of the family knows, but his wife and children are in for the surprise of their lives. Wilmer left yesterday.

His replacement is Jose, a new guy. I don’t know if he has any grounds qualifications or not, but he speaks english much better. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know the lay of the land; he only shadowed Wilmer for a couple days. Jose also doesn’t seem to have Wilmer’s intuition or work ethic. Wilmer’s jobs and my jobs frequently over lap, so I’m hopeful about Jose, but nevertheless noting the red flags. Jose is not going to be living on site.

We had a going away party for Wilmer on Tuesday night after work at a local billiards place, run by an adjacent pizza place, and they have beer taps. I was there back in March or April, and they had IPAs on tap, and it was great. This week they had bud light and coors ;(. But free beer is free beer. Had some fun with coworkers. Lost more pool games than I won. Got home before 10, but I was still pretty tired and a little hung over going into Wednesday.

Weds is our auction day, and with a GSA sale, that means two auctions in a row. I did a good job recovering in the morning, managed to get to work on time, and went to maximum over drive for the two auctions. I worked on light duty tasks for the remaining two hours of the day – not only was I physically exhausted, but my brain was basically mush. I went to bed at 8 pm and got up this morning at 6 AM, feeling alert and refreshed. Both auctions went pretty well. Only ran about half the cars we usually run for GSA because that’s all they had.

Today was pretty cool. We’ve had some rain showers here and there, but today was the first day it rained on my way to work, it rained most of the day at work, and it was raining on my way home. I had to move to the desert to realize how much I like the rain.

got some rain on thursday night and the neighbor’s tank cars were shining bright when I got to work friday morning. then it clouded up for a few hours, sun came back in the afternoon but the cars had dried by then. I took this photo in the morning but the distance, and digital zoom made for a picture that really doesn’t do the original scene justice.

sun on wet tank cars